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Sacrifice Nothing
Located out of the District at Mills 50 in downtown Orlando, Altar Offerings is a purveyor in plant-based charcuterie (‘charfoolerie’) and other seitan creations from the talented maker Michael Fonner and company.
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What Is This Wizardry?!

A food of ancient origin; seitan, as its known, was used over a millennia ago by Chinese cultures, and spread to the west as wheat became more prevalent. An amazing meat alternative, seitan is essentially the protein of wheat gluten. It’s flour that can be combined with a variety of spices, seasonings, and liquids to recreate the flavors of a multitude of meats without the sacrifice.

Sass'ge Seitan

Our Glorious wheat meat!

We’ve created a high-quality line of meats using seitan techniques and organic ingredients when possible. We’ve also added protein components to the vital wheat gluten to create a meat containing an abundance of essential amino acids for a complete protein food.

We promote the belief of sacrificing nothing when it comes to flavor and your favorite meals. Our experimenting and alchemizing to bring you the best possible wheat meat is a passion that we hope you’ll share with us in your future creations.

Thy Creations

We love sharing photos of how much variety there is in using our products. Nearly every family favorite, nostalgic meals, and famous comforts can be 'Altared'! Here's a range of some of our awesome followers' creations:


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Altar Offerings / The Wizards

Michael Fonner


Michael first tried vegetarianism in 2010, and found cooking along the way. After traveling the country, working on organic farms, he made the plunge and went vegan in 2013. Over this time, he was a fervent home cook, veganizing childhood dishes and in 2015, he helped found Leguminati, and began experimenting with seitan and meat alternatives. He was also lucky enough to be apart of Market on South at its inception and be surrounded by amazing and talented people. Fast forward two years later, and tons of seitan later, Michael decided to branch out on his own, and provide Orlando the quality wheat meat it deserves.


Pete Carlson



Jamey Harper


Jamey is the founder of the District at Mills, a local vegan one-stop shop in the Mills 50 district of downtown Orlando. Initially opening as a farm-table gallery, Jamey quickly noticed the surging vegan community growing in Orlando, and transitioned the District to become a pop-up food destination for up-and-coming vegan businesses including Caycakes Bakery, Burnamup Chili, Imani's Kitchen, Che Che’s Vegan Eatery, and many more. Coming up on their 3 year anniversary, Jamey and crew have expanded north to Groveland with the Outpost. They have continued to evolve their scope and provide more vegan grocery items, deli provisions, ice cream, and new things added weekly.


Neophyte Stephan

Event Wizard


Shaun Noonan


Shaun is a professional chef, foodpreneur, and owner of Dixie Dharma and Market on South. He was a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Chicago and spent many years traveling around the world, cooking different cuisines until finally landing back in the states. Taking all this creative influence, he focused on plant-based food and elevating the medium with his culinary prowess. Dixie Dharma came to be in 2013 as a food truck and within a few years, is now expanding around the city.